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Construction Updates

Construction is moving along well, check back to see recent progress.


Approximate key construction dates are as follows:

  1. Construction Start Date: 2/6/2023

  2. Shell Completion Date: 7/28/2023

  3. Construction Completion Date: 1st Quarter 2024


02-24-2023  Site has been cleared

May 9.jpeg

05-09-2023   Inserted the structural pilings, finished foundation and seawall, and erecting first floor walls.

05-25 1.jpeg

05-25-2023   Ready for second level slab concrete pour, pool shell has been completed

July 15.jpeg

07-12-2023   Second floor shell is about to be completed.

Aug 29 200dpi.jpg

08-28-2023   Windows are installed.

Front 01-2024.jpeg

01-18-2024  Facade finishes

Back 01-2024.jpg

01-18-2024  Facade finishes

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